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Al Fakher Misbaha

256.52 SAR

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The misbaha is in green color mixed with black Its features: The misbaha beads come in a green color mixed with black. The rosary beads come with a luster that reflects the beauty of its material. The entire weight of the misbaha is light and comfortable to use. The total number of misbaha beads is 51 beads. The size of one bead is 6 mm. The shape of the misbaha beads is spherical. The misbaha comes with a golden trapezon. The misbaha is handmade by the most skilled experts in rosary makers, which is characterized by a light packing layer whose color is different from the original color in a very simple way and does not enter that layer in the depth of the material and is characterized by its many beautiful natural colors.

256.52 SAR
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